Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2 Crystal and Richard

Richard looks like and is as funny as Jack Black. This piece of information is irrelevant to the story. Richard and Crystal both majored in History in central Arkansas. But they didn’t meet then.

They met seven years later in northwest Arkansas at a Sushi restaurant where Crystal worked and Richard ate. They thought one another looked familiar and it didn’t take them long to figure out they’d graduated from the same program in the same school.

Since graduating Richard had gotten married, had twins and gotten divorced.

Richard started visiting the sushi restaurant more and more often. He showered, he wore clean flannel shirts, but he never quite worked up the nerve to ask for Crystal’s phone number.

Until he had a lucky break. One day, she got talking to him about an unfinished bronze sculpture she was working on that she needed a Dremel tool for. He snatched the opportunity and offered to lend Crystal his. When he went home to look for his tool, he couldn’t find it. He bought one; then decided it looked too clean. She’d be able to tell that it was brand new, and figure out he’d just bought it to get to know her, and come to the conclusion he was a crazy stalker. Richard took his new Dremel tool out and rolled the parts around in dirt. Crystal didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, she even asked for his phone number so she could return it to him. But she was not interested in a divorced man with two kids. They decided to be friends.

Several months later, recovering from another break-up, Richard told Crystal he had decided he’d rather be alone than be with the wrong person. That was the turning point. That night they sat out in the porch and watched the thunderstorm. Richard hid his visceral fear of thunderstorms and sat outside with Crystal. It took him till 5am to work up the courage to kiss her. A year later they eloped.

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