Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4 Nickyy and Alex

She was escaping East London and a broken heart. She escaped all the way to Thailand. Nickyy had a six-month return ticket. She’d go to Thailand, she’d find herself, she’d mend her broken heart, she’d return to East London. That was the plan.

Nickyy has a knack with the boys. Put her in a room full of people, chances are someone’s likely to fall in love with her. It doesn’t mean she chooses well, or wisely, but she always has choices.

Unhappy with the choices in England, she would frequently jaunt off to the Far East. At first a month at a time, then three months. She’d hang out at ashrams and stand on her head. She’d get up at 4.30am to meditate at the Zen Buddhist centre in Tamil Nadu. That kind of thing. And there was that one time that she got rabies from a dog.

Her latest jaunt was to be Thailand for six months. She mixed it up a little. She’d spend some time on Am on Koh Phangan, a party island, collecting boys’ phone numbers; and then spend some time in a wat/monastery, sleeping on a concrete bed, getting up at 4am and meditating for the day in silence. In between her monastery stays, she’d have flings with beautiful men from different parts of the world.

Then two months into her Thailand adventure, she met an Australian man, Alex.

“Off to the retreat for xmas and then maybe going to Oz. Have met a man but its a secret. He wants me to go to australia. Im thinking about it”, Nickyy wrote in an email to her friends back in East London.

While she thought about it, two more men declared their undying love for Nickyy.

A week later, a second email came through:

“Im off to OZ - tomorrow - have a man waiting who is desperately in love with me, has paid for a ticket to melbourne and wants me to have his babies. Hopefully he wont bury me under the floorboards”.

Three years, one death in the family, some heartache and much laughter, later Nickyy and Alex are still living together, happily in Australia. “He is the best man in the world. I’m going to be with him forever”, Nickyy writes to her friends back in London.

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  1. Nickyy is in Australia??? Wow! Congrats, girl. Sweet story, real sweet. Wishing you both all the best