Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3 Wendy and John

“I have it figured it out. It’s like I’m working on an assembly line”. Wendy had been internet dating for the last eight months. “I get ready, I go out, we make conversation, I come home. Repeat as needed. I’m averaging four dates a week. It’s like I have a second job”.

Wendy didn’t count how many dates she’d been on total. But she could count on one hand the guys she actually wanted to see a second time.

She accidentally found herself in a relationship with one guy for three months, for no other reason than she couldn’t think of why she shouldn’t see him again. It wasn’t chemistry, exactly. More like process of elimination. But even when nothing is wrong with someone, it doesn’t make them right for you.

The accidental relationship ended and Wendy’s only regret was that she had to start internet dating again. Two weeks and five dates into a new round on, Wendy stumbled across John.

Besides the small detail that he was a Lebanese Maronite from New York and she was a Jew from Nebraska, they seemed to be made for each other. They were both professors. Her research was on the Middle East. His was on Latin America. They could have conversations in which she spoke Spanish like a Spaniard and he spoke Portuguese like a Brazilian. They both preferred Arabic as the language for terms of affection. A five minute walking distance separated their apartments. They had probably crossed paths at the gym a dozen times without ever noticing each other.

It wasn’t just that they seemed to match on paper. There was an easy quality to their interaction, immediately, intuitively. “Even if it doesn’t last, I’m just glad to know that I can still feel this kind of excitement for someone.”

Wendy was John’s first date.

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  1. yay wendy! i love this story--thank you so much for posting it!