Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24 Sonia and Mike

Sonia went to high school with Richard (see Day 2 Crystal and Richard), and Mike went to college with Richard. And so Sonia and Mike met at Richard’s birthday party in northwest Arkansas years and years after their school days with Richard.

The first thing that struck Sonia about Mike was that he had the confidence to introduce himself as an artist. They ended up talking for hours at the party about obscure artists that only they knew. People would join, and quickly leave their conversation.

Sonia first invited Mike to join her regular Sunday potluck group, and then invited him over to her house for dinner. What’s that? Always let the boy make the first move? That wasn’t Sonia’s style.

Before their first kiss, Sonia told Mike straight up – she wasn’t looking to spend her time with someone she couldn’t get serious about, she was too busy, she was starting her own business and two non-profits so was he in or was he out? Mike was in. He liked Sonia’s style.

Three months in Mike knew he wanted to marry Sonia. And she knew she wanted to marry him. Sonia had wasted a lot of time on boys in the past. By her mid-30s, she was done wasting time. She knew what she wanted, and was glad that she hadn’t found Mike earlier. Finding Mike at the time that she did meant that she knew exactly how special he was and how lucky she was.

Every year, Sonia held a benefit party for the non-profit organisations she set up. That year, surprising everyone, they got married at the benefit party. They vowed to be together “for richer and poorer; for profit and non-profit”.

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