Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 26 Angela and Matt

Angela and Matt met in May 2006 at a festival in London’s East End. The borough was Hackney, Europe’s crime and grime capital, and the festival was Paradise Gardens, where you go to see Victoria Park magically transformed into a modern day Pleasure Garden. It is a mystery how the young lovers found themselves to be in the same time, in the same place, talking and drinking, but they did.

Even though Matt was living in South London and Ang, who is in the Top 5 Funniest People, was on the right side of the river, she decided to give him a chance. They met at the festival, got drunk and talked non-stop all day. There may have been some crazy magic funky fairy dust in the air.

At the Paradise Gardens Festival, they have an old-fashioned funfair, powered by steam instead of electricity. Ang and Matt rode the steam fair dodgems, played on the penny arcade machines and had good banter.

Ang would soon learn that Matt was uber reliable and would never let her down in any sense of the word. When Ang was going through some tough times, Matt was there for her unfailingly, always saying the right things no matter the time of day. Matt has been to every kiddy musical Ang, a primary school teacher, has put on. They spent last Christmas in Rome and went to see the Pope’s speech, during most of which Matt held up Ang’s class toy stuffed bird so she could take a picture for the kids at just the right angle.

So, despite their irreconcilable taste in films, they are moving in together after Christmas. Ang loves Karate Kid, Point Break and Lost Boys. Matt loves Aliens, Clockwork Orange and Goodfellas. She is not moving south of the river, but Ang will be moving to Bedfordshire. There are slight misgivings,

Angela: aw or .... shit! i'm living in the middle of nowhere with a bloke who is refusing to watch karate kid again!!!

But these misgivings are minor.

Every year, Ang and Matt go back to the Paradise Gardens festival for their anniversary. But this year the festival has been moved to June.

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