Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I’m interested in human relationships, and I’ve always been fascinated by love. How one finds it, how it grows, what happens to love after a relationship ends, how one loves well, why one loves badly. I also like to write, and I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to write more lately.

So, for the next hundred days, once a day, I will document a love story. To start off, I want to write about people around me who are in love and how they met. I’m not sure how this will develop in the next hundred days, but I’m excited to found out. The next hundred days will not exclusively be about romantic love. I want to explore the full spectrum of human love. So, if you have an idea, or want to share your love story, please get in touch.

Thanks to Dominic for the inspiration. Check out Dom’s very cool 100 Days http://dominicmckenna100days.blogspot.com/

The mother ship blog: http://www.hundreddays.net/

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